Workforce Development Cases

Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana (PAR)

Consultant along with PAR staff on a workforce development research project to ascertain the status of the Louisiana’s higher education institutions in preparing students for the careers needed to allow Louisiana to grow an economy that can compete globally and provide a higher quality of life for all its citizens.  Interviews conducted with employers, economic developers, industry groups, higher education officials, and other key persons in Louisiana and other states.  A report was produced including best practices identified and public policy recommendations to help ensure the state provides the career tracks demanded by the economy– not only for today’s employers but future growth industries.

Wadley-Donovan GrowthTech (WDGT)

A workforce assessment and underemployment study with the workforce and economic development consulting firm for Greater New Orleans, Inc., the 10-parish (county) regional economic development group including one-on-one interviews with employers, project management and strategies/recommendations.

Wadley-Donovan GrowthTech (WDGT)

A team member on workforce development assessment and strategies with the New Jersey-based workforce and economic development consulting firm in Jackson, MS and 3-parish (county) River Parish Region, LA including one-on-one interviews with employers and project management.