Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Research


Want to be more strategic in your approach to growth and planning? Do you want to create a niche in your market? How about staying ahead of your competitors?  Re-define your competitive edge?

All of this can be accomplished through strategic and competitive intelligence research, which we have conducted for a mix of clients such as the framing & artwork shop that needed a new marketing strategy to overcome the impact of a road construction project at its doorstep to an aviation partnership that wanted to be more competitive in attracting the industry to its state.

The following are potential benefits from conducting strategic and competitive intelligence research:

  • Understanding the industry and market.
  • Understanding your competitive edge, market position, pricing, and brand awareness.
  • Profiling existing customers, purchasing patterns, and characteristics to understand future potential.
  • Understanding the economic climate in which it is operating and potential impact on the market.
  • Understanding what competitors are offering and their marketing strategy.
  • Keeping tabs on competitors’ products, pricing, technological advances, product positioning.
  • Finding potential new customers.

See our successful Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Research cases here.

“Great market analysis with very useful information, relevant data will be incorporated into my business plan and capital pitch deck.  Thank you for a great job on the nursing home market analysis your generosity researching and preparing the analysis is appreciated and will contribute to the success of PortaVision.”

– Terry L. Ancar, President, PortaVision Medical, LLC